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Ombre - By Avalon

Ombre is also know as a powder brows and is created by a machine to achieve a popular, shaded look.

The result creates a beautiful, clean and elegant shape with a contrasting light to dark gradient effect to the eyebrows.

Ombre is a treatment that is very popular for those clients who would like to add greater definition and more structure to their eyebrows.

The look could be bold and striking but also very soft and natural, dependent on our clients individual preferences.

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Meticulously crafted to create a natural and more soft looking eyebrow.

The Ombre eyebrow is meticulously crafted to create a natural and more soft looking eyebrow, rather than using a block colour throughout the entire eyebrow.

Elegant soft and misty.

Ombre Eyebrow technique results in an elegant soft and misty finish which defines and complements the natural shape and colour of our clients eyebrows.

The ombre eyebrow technique utilises many dots of pigments, similarly to traditional tattooing. These dots enable colour to gradually build up, revealing a more soft shaded brow pencil effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between microblading and ombre brows?

The difference between this two is that microblading is done manually by small blade creating little strokes one by one.

Ombre is a shading technique done with a machine that uses very small needle which implements the pigment gradually creating ombre effect, normally is darker at the tail and lighter at the front of Eyebrows.

With this technique you can increase density and fullness of the eyebrows but also make the shape absolutely perfect in terms of proportions.

Is the Ombre procedure painful?

The Ombre procedure discomfort is minimal to none.

At Avalon, we can apply numbing cream if you like but is not necessary.

What will last longer Microblading or Ombre brows?

Ombre brows are shaded technique and usually last longer than microblading but is all up to your life style.

Typically up to 3 years.

What is downtime after having Ombre brow done?

The healing process is very similar to microblading, will last up to 14 days and is all depends on the skin type.

You will have to follow up after care procedure that will be assigned for you.

Also touch up is essential 4-6 weeks later.

Is Ombre suitable for everyone?

As long you are over 18 years old, not pregnant and not breastfeeding, the treatment could be right for you.

A consultation is important to discuss what you are hoping to achieve with an expert.

Could I cover my old eyebrows tattoo with Ombre?

As long your old tattoo its not too dark here at Avalon we will be able to nutralize previous work and recreate new shape and colour.

Gives natural definition and fullness.

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