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Avalon – literally meaning ‘Isle of Fruit’ named after the legendary place in mythology, where King Arthur’s fabled sword ‘Excalibur’ was forged.

This island paradise was often associated with powerful women, possessing mystical talents in the healing arts, unrivalled beauty and expert knowledge.

Avalon – Forever Beauty, established after decades of experience and knowledge working in the luxury beauty and fashion industry globally.

Our mission is to craft superior quality, highly bespoke, expertly precise, semi-permanent beauty treatments to enhance the natural beauty of our discerning clientele.

The Artist

Renata Bal

Beauty Artist & Founder of Avalon

Renata Bal, originally from Poland, moved to London back in 1999 in search of a career in luxury fashion and beauty.

After studying at the London College of Fashion she embarked on her vocation working for a range of leading luxury fashion & beauty brands.

Renata’s unwavering commitment to her trade is a true testament to her impeccable levels of service and quality in everything that she achieves on behalf of her clients.

Renata believes in the role that beauty plays in empowering women

Renata believes in the role that beauty plays in empowering women, by enhancing each clients individual natural beauty.

Through the meticulous artistry of semi-permanent treatments, Renata enables women to always look their very best, saving significant time, effort and money on more traditional daily beauty rituals.

Avalon - Forever Beauty

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