Avalon Nano brows effect

The Nano technique creates the illusion of texture, depth, and movement.
Nano (hyper-realistic) brows can be easily layered to mimic density. This 3D effect creates the illusion of fuller brows. The artist designs a unique nano pattern which gives the eyebrows a desirable shape.

The nano brows technique takes years to master. Every client is presented with a different form. The artist creates a bespoke pattern – a piece of art each and every one different and unique. Each single hair stroke follows the natural hair lines of client. This precise process requires unwavering concentration.

Avalon Nano brows design

Have you heard about Avalon Nano brows before ?

Here at Avalon (Nano- hyperrealism brows) are the new generation the most natural looking hair strokes effect that could be created. The effect is born from individual pattern of eyebrows of every client and completed by very fine nano needle that creates hyperrealistic brows effect.

At Avalon (Nano-hyperrealism brows) will be best choice for a permanent makeup artist but also top choice for a client.
Before we start procedure we talk about the shape of desirable eyebrow and discuss what we would like to change or update. At Avalon we we go through step by step and design the shape together. Once the new eyebrow shape is approved by customer we begin to create perfect nano brows, stroke by stroke. The procedure can take up to 3 hours from start to end.

Avalon Nano brows -The newest Technique

Nano brows technique has been designed to add to eyebrows volume and definition by adding fine heir strokes between the hairs.
This new treatment become very popular in USA in the past few years but just been born in Uk and still very new.

The nano brows artist uses a permanent makeup machine that is very particular and precise. The machine implements PMU pigment into the skin by very fine nano needle and does not go as deep as traditional tattooing.

The created strokes are very fine and almost indistinguishable from the eyebrow hairs.
Once the hair strokes are created the pigment goes only under the 1st and 2nd layer of the skin so its not very deep. Once healing has taken place the new nano eyebrows will last for around 3 years before gently fading away.

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