Best eyebrow treatment in London - Nano Brows

There are many trends and many different patterns, techniques to achieve Nano brows but only handful of artists worldwide that provide this treatments, as it is extremely time consuming to learn, and even more challenging to master.

Why are Avalon Nano brows so special?
First of all, the pattern is designed individually to each client, carefully selected and sketched that represent individual customer eyebrow shape. We choose the the most appropriate needle and colour of the pigment that will match exactly natural brow hair.

Here at Avalon we pre-draw the shape fist and we will pencil in the hair strokes that will follow natural hair grow of the client eyebrows hair.

Once the pre-drawing phase has been completed we discuss this with client making sure that they are happy, before we proceed with the treatment.
Pre-drawing sets the foundations, it is the most important part in nano art & within this phase we can take this to make any adjustments.
Once the clients is happy and 100% confident, then we will start.

Pigment choice for the best brows in London

Choosing the right colour is very important, we need to identify first what skin undertone is the client and what skin type.

We normally use warmer tones for cool skin undertone and cooler colours for warmer skin undertones, in the order to have a perfect healing result.

After we obtain all this information we select right pigment type, organic or inorganic pigments.

Here at Avalon we use only the most superior and highest quality pigments and needles on the market.

Amiea international, Hanafy pigments and Vertix needles are our chosen suppliers.

Preparation to achieve best brows in london

Preparation for a Nano brows or any permanent treatment is extremely important to achieve best possible result.
We highly recommend to each client prepare the skin 4 weeks before the treatment.

1.No retinol, Vitamin C,A 4 weeks before the treatment, no cosmetic treatments or skin peals.
2.No sunbathing week before
3.No fish oils at list 2 weeks before.
4.No ibuprofen or alcohol 48h before.
5.No coffeein on the day of the treatment.

florless healing

What do I need to do after Nano brows procedure ?

After the procedure of Nano brows you will be provided with after care and instruction how to look after your brows.

The complete healing process will take 4 weeks. In the first week of the healing your brows will be a little dry but that all depends on the skin type.
Most of our clients don’t see any difference when the eyebrows heals but some others experience minor dryness.

It’s important to to follow the after care as has been instructed, customers who ignore the aftercare are experiencing longer healing process and pigment lost in some parts of the eyebrows.
Also, you have to be patient and in the first week of the healing avoid, gym, swim, steam room or any exposure to the sun.

fuller and better shaped eyebrows