Everything you need to know about Nano brows in London

Ultra fine, nano needles create the most natural looking, fuller brows. This new treatment uses a precise, digital machine which mimics the appearance of a natural hair.

Nano hair-strokes follow a pattern, perfectly mimicking and reproducing the natural growth pattern of eyebrows. Nano brows are a cosmetic treatment that offers far better pigment retention than more other treatments such as microblading. The healing time is far less too, due to the nano treatment being less traumatic to the skin. The nano needle applies the pigment without the need to actually cut into the skin. 

At Avalon we use only the best nano-needles on the market (Defenderr and Vertix)
They are the sharpest needles, causing very little trauma to the skin so artist can work with total precision and confidence and helps the pigment flow easily.
Our nano pigments are a superior quality to anything else available. We use Amiea, Hanafy and Brow Daddy pigments.

These products are made with innovative colour pigments for lasting results and have the highest safety standards to bring you ultimate peace of mind.

Our purpose built nano-studio is unlike any other…   

Our studio is modern, bright and discreet. You can enjoy your treatment, while relaxing and listening to music, surrounded by serenity.

After the treatment you can relax, have a drink and admire the fresh pair of eyebrows while you will be advised and provided with complementary aftercare and instruction for the next few weeks to come.

Nano/Hyper-realism brows, perfecting the brow pattern.

Avalon’s signature nano pattern has been perfected through over 2000 hours of practicing, refining & finessing to create one of the most realistic nano patterns available in the UK.
Nano-brows – also known as 3D brows, HD brows, Korean brows. Is a very new treatment that has emerged within the last year or two. Nano-brows takes dedication, determination and immense skill to master, they are the most challenging but also the most natural looking, creative and rewarding from any permanent makeup. 

Be careful, many artists are misleading clients by pretending that their microblading is nano brows – what to look out for; 
The precision / accuracy of the strokes, that looks like they grow out of the skin rather than a line that represents the hair stroke.

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Nano - The most on trend look.

Best Brows

The Nano technique creates the illusion of texture, depth, and movement.
Nano (hyper-realistic) brows can be easily layered to mimic density. This 3D effect creates the illusion of fuller brows.
Artist creates overlapping hairs, rather then individual hair strokes also the pattern is unique from each client to each client and follows the individual wave of the hair, creating fuller and more natural brows rather then single straighter style of hair strokes.

The Nano brows are the most challenging but also the most natural looking, If you want to achieve the look of fuller and more defined brows without obvious difference, nano is definitely the treatment for you providing illusion of super realistic fluffy brows, which are on trend, highly desirable and will make you the envy of your friends.