Eyebrow trends - Nano brows

The beauty industry is in a constant state of progression. As new beauty trends develop, these are supported with new innovations & technologies, which power this shifting popularity in aesthetics.

Along with new advances, trends & innovations it’s imperative that beauty practitioners keep up to date & qualified with the very latest advances in treatments. Fuelled by fashion & celebrity culture, that latest look becomes a must have for beauty conscious women around the world.

We have seen throughout the last two decades an obvious shift in eyebrow trend. From the thin, delicate, pruned eyebrows of the 90’s, to the more powdery gradient look of the early 2000’s. More recently, the popularity of far more pronounced, fuller & natural brows are being created with tremendous skill & expertise by brow artists.

Nano the best technique  

Semi-permanent makeup techniques, such as micro blading, is rapidly becoming a dated procedure with the recent introduction of nano brows, precise nano needles & innovative nano pigments. This new ‘nano brows’ procedure offers a far more realistic result, lasting for two to three years & clients benefit from minimal pain & rapid healing time too. Sounds like the perfect option for that fuller, more striking eyebrow look huh? Yes, although not all nano artists offer the same level of quality. It’s worth noting that ‘nano brows’ are a common treatment within the U.S, with over 100,000 qualified & registered practitioners. Whilst in the UK it’s estimated that there are as few as 100 legitimate nano brow artists currently in operation, & approximately only 15 of these can be found within the London area.

Nano bespoke process

Nano brows are rapidly increasing in popularity, but it certainly takes time, dedication, skill & determination to master the art of nano brows.

At Avalon it’s our belief that nano brows will entirely replace micro blading within the next few years – resulting in fewer more specialist brow artists performing highly bespoke nano treatments to create that must have, natural, fuller & highly desirable eyebrow look.

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Nano-3D dimensional effect

3D dimensional effect is created by machine with single Nano needle to create the strokes that follow natural hair pattern. They are so realistic that you won’t be able to tell the difference between natural brow hair and tattooed hair stroke. The strokes cross each other or overlap building up volume and density of the eyebrow.

The use of colour is very important too, you build up density and dimension with darker colour and smaller hair strokes called ‘baby hair’ using a lighter colour of pigment.
Once you complete 3 passes of colour you will have 3D dimensional effect that is incredibly realistic.

Nano brows are the new generation eyebrows