What is your daily routine and your lifestyle?

I am a person who likes to use good quality skin care. I always try to look my best at all times. I train hard at the gym 4 times a week, work full time but I am also devoted mum that looks after her 9 year old son by herself.

My everyday routine is very important to me as I have a very limited amount of time in the morning. Makeup takes time, so does getting my son ready for the day, therefore I welcome anything that will help me save some valuable time in the morning.

Why did you choose Avalon?  

The reason I have chosen Avalon is because I have been looking for an eyebrow treatment that looks very natural, is good for your skin but also offers a procedure with minimal pain. Nano brows look so different from microblading and the Nano hair strokes blend with natural hair that you can not see the difference between real hair and Nano hair stroke. The result is super realistic.

I have eyebrows that needs to be enhanced and defined. I didn’t want to use pencil anymore to fill in the gaps. Also working out at the gym so often made me realise that I need something more permanent and easier for my lifestyle.

I love natural looking eyebrows with illusion of lots of hair.

How did the treatment improve or impact on your life?

My eyebrows were shaped beautifully, they were looking fuller and healthier, the colours matched exactly and I am saving lots of time each and every morning.

Sometimes I don’t wear makeup at all, but my face still looks fresh and polished.

I love natural looking eyebrows with illusion of lots of hair

What would you say is the best about having Nano brows done?

For me the best is that my eyebrows look very natural, they have perfect shape and I always look fresh. I also love the fact that I have more time in the morning or at the gym and spend less on applying makeup.

Having had nano brows done I don’t have to be worried or even think about doing anything to my eyebrows for the next 3 years!

Nano brows are the new generation eyebrows