Introduce Yourself 

Hi, I am Renata. I moved from Poland to London almost 25 years ago now to pursue a career in beauty and fashion. I enjoy fitness, great food and hot sunny weather. I am a mother to my 9 year old son, Lennox – he is my world.

Makeup and beauty have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I qualified as a make up artist over 10 years ago now, but it was not the right time for a career change so I continued my career in the world of luxury fashion retail. Then, during lockdown I had the epiphany – to retrain as a permanent makeup artist. I was looking for a fresh, creative, new career challenge. A challenge that would offer a rewarding career doing something that I was passionate about, as well as enabling me to spend more time to spend with my son.

What motivates you? 

I challenge myself each and every day to continue in developing my skills as an artist. Instagram is a great motivator to witness the work being created by the worlds best and most experienced artist. This fuels my ambition to be respected worldwide for the superior quality and consistency of my work.

Talk us through your permanent makeup journey so far.  

I am always learning, progressing & honing my skills & techniques each day. I initially studied micro-blading and after 6 months hard work I qualified as a permanent makeup artist. At this time, I started to become aware of nano brows. I was mesmerised by how skilful and delicate this treatment was in comparison to micro-blading. The results were so much more natural. I immediately knew my next challenge was to master the art of nano needling.

The learning curve was significant, it takes a lot of patience and dedication to master this art, but slowly & surely, I began to improve through rigorous daily practices. Eventually, creating elegant and unique nano patterns became second nature to me.

What do you most enjoy about the Nano-blading treatment? 

It’s truly art form in my opinion. I really love the reaction when my clients see the results. I have even had clients cry with happiness when they first look into the mirror to see their new eyebrows.

Nano brows look so natural when done well and I feel like the technique feels like a natural fit for me personally, my career and for my future.

  What are your predications for the future of permanent makeup?  

Nano-brows is the future of eyebrow treatment. Nano or Nano-blading is already the number one treatment offered in the US. The nano-brows industry is huge, and the nano treatment is very well known there. It’s still relatively uncommon here in the UK however, and people are still requesting micro blading, despite being an inferior treatment in comparison to nano brows.

I am looking forward to this newer, more natural & more skilful treatment to emerge in popularity here in the UK, because every woman deserves perfectly natural, elegant eyebrows.