Microblading, more tidy and defined eyebrows

It was my pleasure to welcome Kasia to Avalon in March 2022. She was enquiring about our microblading services. This was her first time trying microblading.

She was looking for a very natural asthetic, something that would boost the volome of her eyebrows, helping to further define her eyes.

Describe yourself & your lifestyle?

I am a very active and fun person who believes life is full of adventures and moments which we just have to grasp and enjoy.

Describe you daily beauty routine?

My daily routine would be the to use the right facial and body creams. But I also find that at my age it’s really important to have super healthy eating habits, regular exercise and a good amount of rest as it all helps to keep the skin healthy and fresh.

Why did you choose Avalon?

Avalon was recommended to me by my friend and I’m so grateful to Renata for all the advice and amazing follow up after my eyebrow microblading treatment. Renata is just the most attentive beautician I’ve ever met!

How did the treatments improve or impacted on your life?

My eyebrows were shaped in such natural way and yet the visual impact is so beautiful. I just love them!