Lip Blush - Is it worth it?

Lip blushing is one of the most popular semi permeant lip treatments these days, but is it worth the hype? and should I have it done?

With age, our lips lose their plumpness, appear thinner & look paler – it’s as if our smiles turn upside down.

If you are considering how to combat these signs of aging, I would recommend you to consider the benefits of lip blush.

You can bring back the youthfulness to your lips and your smile by enhancing them, working around the contour of your lips, making them fuller, rounder and firmer but also adding the impact of colour.

You can choose very natural – nude colour, that will be beautiful in any occasion or you can go bold and strike with something a little bit more stronger or brighter. The choice is yours. Also its important to remember that every lip blush will heal 40-60% lighter so don’t be afraid to choose bold colours.


At First you will be advised to look after your lips weeks in advance. In order to have great result and perfect healing you need to make sure that you drink a lots of water and hydrate your lips at all times before the treatment but also after the treatment.

Here at Avalon we recommend to do a soft lips scrub day before the treatment this will ensure that on the day of the procedure your lips will be soft and smooth and the pigment will flow easily. You will need to avoid alcohol the day before and coffee on the day of the lip blush.

Step by step procedure.

On the day of procedure for the lip blush we discuss the shape first.

We like to keep everything as natural as possible by following costumer lips shape.

We normally do the pre-drawing with the pencil first. that is the most important part of the procedure. Once we have perfect shape, we will create perfect lips!

After the we have completed perfect pre-drowing we discuss with the clients and making sure that everything is looking perfect.

Lip Blushing procedure could be very exiting as is our chance to make our lips looking perfect and lasting for few years.

We select the colour next and apply numbing cream to unsure that the client can relax and doesn’t feel any discomfort .
The hole procedure can take up to 3H as we need to complete 3 passes to have a great coverage of the pigment.

Sometimes towards the end of lip blushing your lips might swell and that is absolutely normal. That is more common with the clients that have fillers in their lips. Swelling typically goes down between 12-24h.

Perfectly shaped lips

What do I need to do after the lip blush is completed?

After the procedure of Lip Blushing you will be provided with after care and instruction how to look after your lips.

The complete healing process will take between 4-8 weeks.
In the first week of the healing your lips will be very dry and sometimes even peal.

It’s important to nourish your lips with ointment cream provided and avoid; steam, water, makep and kissing in the first week of healing.

4-8 weeks after lip blush treatment you will be advised to come back for a top up session to retouch the colour.

In some cases and especially with dark lip neutralisation you might need to come back 2-3 times for a top up to achieve desirable colour.

Fuller and younger looking lips.