Lips blushed by the pioneer of the treatment herself!

It was my pleasure to welcome Rocio to Avalon for lip blushing. This was her first time trying to do semi permanent make up .

We sat and chatted first about the desirable colours and her expectations. She informed me that she would like to achieve pink tone to her lips, as well as to hopefully cover up her uneven pigmentation. Her top lip was darker so we had to neutralise this first with a warm colour, before waiting to heal and complete the treatment following a 6 week healing duration. On her final visit we applied the chosen colour – a stunning ‘Soft red’ – which is a very natural tone. Following the healing process, this red softens and transforms into the desired, delicate pink tone requested.

Describe yourself & your lifestyle?

My lips have always been my favorite physical feature. They’re thick, pillowy, and the perfect canvas for color however I was conscious of my uneven pigmentation. Ironically, they’re also one of the very few things I’ve chosen to have enhanced.

Describe you daily beauty routine?

For me, the goal is not having to apply a daily lip color or gloss. SPF50 lipstick only. I’m completely hooked on lip blushing.

Why did you choose Avalon?

I was fortunate enough to get my lips blushed by the pioneer of the treatment herself Renata. So I made an appointment with the the artist. She had amazing webside lovely looking before and after photos, and her studio was brightly lit and beautiful.
Renata Explained step by step what she was going to do and pre-draw my lip with the pencil first to get the perfect shape.
Once that was done she started with procedure and I was confident enough that i will have beautiful lips.

How did the treatments improve or impacted on your life?

It’s not just about the lipstick look. It goes much further than that. My top lip was darker (hypopigmentation) than the bottom lip. I was really insecure about it.

I’ve got the best Pout than I can imagine wash and go kinda girl, work in a clinical environment, powerlifter chick, and a serial kisser with better cupid’s bow, better color, illusion of fullness.