Nano brows healing vs microblading

Following the nano treatment the healing is astounding. Even after years there is no blue, grey or orange tones emerging – which are common issues with microblading.
Touch-ups with nano brows are not traumatic and damaging to the skin. You only need to come back every 3 years. A small single fine nano needle painlessly penetrates skin. The colour gently fades after three years leaving no strange undertones.

With Microblading, you need to do touch ups on yearly basis, sometimes they turn ashy colour so prevent that you do the touch ups, unfortunately with every touch up you create the stroke by manual tool (small blade) that cut the skin to implement the pigment. This creates some trauma for the skin, and you cannot repeat the process more than 3 time otherwise you will be left with scar tissue or un-grown hair on your eyebrows.

After you had Nano brows done you leave salon with perfect pair of eyebrows and without experiencing and discomfort or pain.

Once the nano brows start to heal you will not see scabbing, you might have slight redness or lightly dry skin but it will be not obvious. They will look fresh defined & perfect to go out.

You can carry on with your regular daily routines as usual, you just need to be conscious of avoiding sweating and the sun for the first week at least.

Nano brows are suitable for any skin tone.

The nano brows procedure has many benefits, one of them is that the treatment can be done for any skin type and any age above 18 years old.

Oily skin tends to fade the strokes faster but the nano procedure can be done with the right expertise, precision and tools. Even oily skin should result in outstanding pigment retention if the nano treatment is executed professionally.

Suitable clients for microblading are only normal or combination skin types and Microblading is not really advised for oily, mature skin or sun damaged skin.

Nano brows aftercare

Best Brows

Day 1
After Care
• Absorb lymph fluid seeping out of the brows by gently blotting with clean tissue until dried. Do this every 30 min until the bed time.
Day 1-7
• Wash daily with gentle soap or baby shampoo to remove bacteria, build up of product, oils and dead skin.
• DO NOT USE any cleaning products containing acids (glycolic, lactic or Retinol) or exfoliation.
• Always dry, gently pat with clean tissue.
• Apply a tiny, rice grain amount of Aftercare twice a day with the cotton swab that was
provided .
• NEVER put the product on wet damp tattoo.

During healing, avoid
• Avoid facials, any cosmetic treatments, chemical treatments for 4 weeks
• Avoid hot sweaty exercises, steam rooms for 1 week
• Avoid direct sun exposure or sunbeds for 4 weeks before or after treatment
• Avoid makeup on the area until the healing is over
• Do Not Pick or scratch the treated area
If any of the following signs symptoms of an infection develop, urgent attention
should be sought;
• Redness spreading around the side and extending away from it.
• Pus or green/yellow fluid oozing from the site.
• Pain(rather than discomfort)
• Swelling
• Heat
• Immobility of or reluctance to move, a limb/digit/part of the body.