Permanent Makeup, Nano Brows (Hyper-Realism) By Avalon

Nano Brows (Hyper-Realism) are the latest and the most advanced technique of tattooing eyebrows to create super realistic and natural-looking brows. This technique is mastered by only a handful of brow artists worldwide.

At Avalon we craft Nano Brows (Hyper-Realism) through exceptionally delicate and fine hair strokes that are crossing over in a highly unique pattern, following the direction of your own eyebrow hairs.

This pattern is implemented to your desirable brow shape to achieve the intensity of a 3D effect.

What is Hyper-Realism brows?

Every hair stroke is created by a handheld machine tool by slightly scratching the surface of the skin and implementing a small amount of pigment.

The hair strokes are so fine that it looks like they actually grow from within the skin.

This technique provides an ultra-realistic effect.

Hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) creates the illusion of texture, depth and movement which microblading cannot replicate. Device hair strokes and shading (also referred to as permanent makeup for brows) is the process of implanting pigments into the skin using a digital permanent makeup device with an ultra-fine single Nano needle.
Soft powder shading can also be easily layered to mimic density, creating the illusion of fuller brows. This technique is known as device hair strokes, nano brows, digital Hair strokes, hyper-realism brows or 3D hair strokes.

Using a handheld machine tool, Avalon utilises a combination of hair stroke and shading techniques to create the desired result best suited to the client’s skin type. Nano needles are specifically designed to create the finest hair strokes with maximum pigment deposition when proper techniques are used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) better than Microblading?

Hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) are done by machine using a very fine needle, whilst microblading is achieved by a hand tool.

The benefits are an improvement in precision and accuracy due to the use of the small needle, allowing for a more natural result.

With nano brows you don’t experience any pain or bleeding, whilst the results last up to 3 years, allowing for minimal top up.

Another benefit of Hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) is that could be done for any skin tones or any age not like microblading we are limited. Also the healing process is much shorter, you don’t scab or flake.

Why hyper-realism brows (nano brows/ digital / 3D hair strokes) last longer than microblading?

This is due to the machine application makes the strokes more resilient.
Hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) is less invasive and doesn’t cut the skin like microblading but at the same time penetrates dipper for longer lasting result.

Oily skin will probably mean that the strokes will fade faster than dry or normal skin but not as quickly as with microblading.

What is the side effects of Hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes)?

The side effects are minimal following the hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) treatment.

It might be that your skin will be a bit red or slightly swollen around the eyebrows but all should clear away throughout the next day.

How to prepare for the hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) treatment?

Preparing for the hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) treatment is important. Don’t tweezer your eyebrows for a week before the treatment. Don’t use retinol or vitamin A for 1 month before the treatment.

It is important to not have a facial for 2 weeks before the hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) treatment. Stay off the sunbed on the day of your appointment, don’t drink alcohol or caffeine. It is also important not to take ibuprofen, aspirin or fish oil supplements for at least 24 hours before the treatment.

What is the healing time for hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes)?

It takes about 4 weeks to heal completely. Initially your hair colour will get darker than expected but in few days colour will begin to lighten to the same colour as your eyebrows.

It will take roughly 3-4 weeks for hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) to blend with your natural hair.

What is the after care for hyper-realism brows (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes)?

It is essential to keep your eyebrows as dry as possible, avoid sweating, steam room for the first 7 days, don’t wear make up around the eyebrows for about a week.

You should also avoid tanning beds, microdermabrasion and chemical peels for the next 30 days, and apply the after care provided by Avalon.

Can I do (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) before going on holiday?

Following the (nano brows / digital / 3D hair strokes) treatment, it is advised not to be exposed on the sun at least 1-2 months after. However, if you do go away it is essential to apply SPF and wear hat to protect the eyebrows.

Following the aftercare instructions is important, as failure to do this will result in premature fading of the treatment.

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Nano brows

Gives natural definition and fullness.

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