Eyebrow tretments

It’s no secret the role that the perfect eyebrows play in complementing the natural beauty of your face.

With a vast range of eyebrow treatments available today we thought it would be useful to provide a breakdown of the pros & cons of each of the treatments, enabling you to understand which treatment is right for you.

Eyebrow chart  

1. Nano brows.Top up within 2-3 years, any skin tone, pain level 2, scabbing from none to minimal, price range £350 – £1000.

2. Microblading. Top-up within 12 months, normal and combination skin. Not suitable for mature & oily skin, pain level 3-6, scabbing fair, price between £290 – £700.

3. Ombre brows.Top-up within 12-24 months, any skin tone, pain level 2-4, scabbing fair, price between £290 – £600.

4.Combination. Top-up within 12-24 months, any skin tone, pain level 2-4, scabbing fair, price between £350 – £700.

5.Lamination. Top-up within 4-8 weeks. Any skin tone but you need to have good amount of hair. Pain level 0, price between £60 -£150

6. Shape & tint. Top-up within 1-3 weeks. Any skin tone. Pain level 0, price between £20 -£60

7. Henna. Top-up within 2-4 weeks. Any skin tone. Pain level 0. Great option if you feel nervous about permanent makeup to start with. Price range £50 – £100.

8.Pencil. Top-up every few hours, its for anybody but you won’t get the definition and symmetry that you looking for. Price between £10 – £40

*Pain Level is out of 10.

Treatment for you.

At Avalon we perform most of the options on the list but (and for good reason) we specialise in the art of nano brows.

Nano brows are the most challenging but the most rewarding technique as the end results are beautiful.

Beautiful eyebrows

How soon I should start to research for the right treatment for me ?

You should start researching at least a few weeks before.

You need to understand first what type of treatment you are looking for – is it permanent or a non permanent eyebrow treatment?

Are you looking to have your eyebrows done to give you more definition and polished look?
If so, then Ombre or combination brows might be for you. Alternatively, do you might prefer a little more natural look that you can get from Nano brows.

It is a good idea to have a consultation with the artist and explain what you are looking for and your expecations.

Another important role is, for you to find clinic or studio that specialise in the eyebrow treatments that you are looking for. Check their website and go through their image gallery. Once you are happy with everything please make sure that they are fully licensed and have great reviews.

Nano brows are the new generation eyebrows