Permanent Makeup, Nano combination Brows

Nano-combination brows is a treatment that combines hair strokes and shading. That is done by machine and a single nano needle.

First we design the shape of the eyebrow, after we will create nano hair strokes that are super delicate and follow the natural pattern of your eyebrow hair.

This is the most advanced and skilful procedure that simulates exactly the same density of your natural hair.

We don’t use a manual tool here, instead we use a one point fine nano needle to create the hair strokes.

At the end of the procedure we will add some shading in between the hairs, a gradient that is more lighter at the front and a little darker at the tail.

A very precise process

Creating an illusion of fullness, definition and very tidy looking eyebrows to adapt to the individual needs of each client.

Elegance, charm & character.

Golden Ratio

Once the measurements of your brows have been mapped out, next we will design the brows you always wanted.

Perfect symmetry will create the outstanding beauty.

Confident and impowering

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nano-combination eyebrows?

Nano-combination brows (known as hybrid eyebrows) are a combination of nano and ombre shading.

This treatment offers the best of both worlds – soft, elegant shading of the machine along with the more defined hair stroke created through nano.

Are nano-combination brows better than ombre?

Ultimately this comes down to our clients personal preference. If you prefer a less solid and dramatic look, then nano-combination brows could be a good choice for you.

If you are not sure what to have we always recommend to start with nano brows first, then on touch up day we then look to add a little bit of ombre shading.

How soon I can apply the make up after my treatment is done?

You will need to avoid any make up around the eyebrows for the next 14 days after any micro-pigmentation.

How much will my nano-combination brows fade?

Nano-combination brows the same as Ombre will fade between 30%-40% straight after your first treatment

You will need to follow the same aftercare as Ombre or Nano treatment. Small scabbing may appear, and it’s imperative that you follow the aftercare instructions carefully.

Is it nano-combination brows more natural than Ombre?

nano-combination brows do look more natural than Ombre.

At Avalon, we add some hair strokes so when blended with your natural hair and shedding, the effect is very natural. Shading is added very lightly just increase the density of the eyebrows.

Who is nano-combination brows most suitable for?

Nano-combination brows are one of our most popular treatments due to the suitability for the vast majority of clients.

Gives natural definition and fullness.

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Other Services


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