Permanent Lip Blush

Permanent lip blush is a tattoo technique that colours and defines your lips with the illusion of fullness.

With lip blush you can achieve any colour that you like corresponding to your skin undertone.

This very popular treatment creates a natural looking lip with or without lipstick, for a fresher and more youthful look.

Perfectly vibrant, shapely lips

Lip blush provides a bold, vibrant & shapely look to your lips. At Avalon we can enhance the natural beauty, shape and definition of your lips.

Unbelievable, never in my wildest dreams did I believe my lips would look so perfect!

From the initial consultation with Renata I felt confident, especially when we reviewed the colour options that would work with my skin tone.

The lip blush treatment was a little painful in all honesty, however well worth every second of discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is semi permanent Lip Blush?

Permanent lip blush is tattoo technique that colour and define your lips with the illusion of fulness. Through the lip blush treatment you can achieve any colour that you like corresponding to your skin undertone.

Natural looking lips with or without lipstick effect is the latest and most popular treatment that creates fresh and more youthful look. 

How should I prepare for lip blush?

During the consultation you will be advised to prepare your lips several days before the treatment. Lips need to be nourished, hydrated and soft – this is important in improving pigment flow and retention, as well as offering faster and more effective healing.

It is also important to refrain from consuming alcohol or coffee for at least 24 hours before your treatment appointment. A patch test will be carried out 12-24 hours before the treatment, this can either be in person or posted out. 

What is lips neutralization

Asian or African clients are more common to have hypropigmantation or dark colour lips.

The lip blush treatment can return natural colours to our clients lips by neutralising them and then applying desirable colour.

Is Lip bush painful procedure

Here at Avalon we are applying a numbing cream to ensure maximum comfort for each client. 

Normally the pain from scale 1-10 is 3 or none.

Is there side effects with lip blush ?I

The side effects are minimal. You may experience a slight swelling, which is common however some clients swell more than the others.

After a few days some dryness or peeling my appear, if you suffer from coldsores you will be recommended to take Aciclovir to prevent outbreaks which can occur as a side effect of the lip blush treatment .

How long the colour last

Straight after first session colour will likely fade by around 50%. After 6-8 weeks you will be recommended to book in for a top up session. Usually the lip blush last between 3-5 years.

Yearly top up is recommended to refresh the colour.

Can I do the lip blush ones I have done the lip filler? 

Lip blush and filler its very common combination. There is no problem with combining these treatments, as long as it is done with 4 a week minimum time period from each other.

Combination of both brings great result

What is aftercare

Keeping your lips clean and moist is important for the treatment.

Apply SPF on sunny day, avoid greasy or spicy food and apply ointment aftercare as advised. 

How long is the healing process

The healing process is typically 4-6 days. During this time you may experience dry lips, however after approximately 1 week you will notice the beautiful and smooth colour emerge.  

The whole healing process will be completed in few weeks after.

How Can I choose the right colour for me

Here at Avalon we use high quality organic pigments by Amiea. On you consultation day we can try several colours that would be suitable for you by mixing different tones to create bespoke and unique colour tone for your lips.

Patch test will be be provided at the end of consultation.

Can I still look natural by having Lip Blush done?

Blush is a technique that could be done very subtly, just highlighting the definition of your lips, by adding very soft colour to match natural lips tone. This could be done with no colour at all just to highlight your lips or correct unevenness.

Alternatively this could be done by using a lipstick effect to create stronger look. 

Gives natural definition and fullness.

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This could be the start
of something beautiful.